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The Invincible Recycling Duo

First shredding, then screening. With the FORUS F 25 shredder and the Terra Select T 50 mobile trommel screening machine, you have the perfect combination for efficient recycling of almost all materials.

  • Eggersmann Telematic: Remote maintenance and operational control
  • Modern and easy handling
  • Reliable service. Worldwide.
  • Personal contact
  • The ideal addition to the BACKHUS compost turner product range

The FORUS F 25 Pre-Shredder Machine

Slow-running shredder with two shafts for shredding of municipal waste and special charges

  • 5 freely selectable shredding programs guarantee a high flexibility for shredding of the most different material types
  • Hydraulically tiltable chute with 4 m³ volume
  • Large maintenance flaps for comfortable access to all relevant components
  • Complete electric control system and monitoring of the relevant machine components via sensors
  • Flexible final particle size due to hydraulically exchangeable secondary crushing beam
  • Hydraulically adaptable magnetic separator for flexible use depending on material volume

The Terra Select T 50 Trommel Screening Machine

Outstanding screening performance in virtually all areas of application.

  • 20 % more effective screening surface due to the larger drum diameter of 2,000 mm (common in this class: 1,800 mm)
  • The longest discharge conveyors in its class; fine grit conveyor: 8,060 mm / coarse grit conveyor: 5,900 mm (optional)
  • Infeed bunker with a volume of more than 6 m³ for efficient charging by wheel loader
  • The trommel screen machine is also available in diesel-electric (TE 50) and fully-electric (T 50 E) design
  • Available alternatively as 2-axle-trailer or crawler chassis

Disposal of Solar Panels

These days, it is impossible to imagine the range of renewable energy sources without solar modules. Their lifetime however is limited. The panels can be used for about 25 years before they have to be recycled. So for many of the panels that were produced in the 1980s and 90s this time has come. But how to properly recycle the PV-modules?

Depending on the quantity, there are three basic ways of disposing old panels::

  • Taking them to a public recycling center (applicable for private individuals)
  • Taking them to a collection center for manufacturers and dealers
  • Surrendering them to a collection service/service company

Recycling of Solar Modules

Solar panels are made of high-quality components which are firmly connected to each other. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly separate the built-in raw materials and to return them to the reusable material cycle. But how to recycle old solar modules best?

  • Primary treatment facilities certified according to ElektroG (German Electrical Equipment Act) efficiently separate the firmly connected components. Here, the powerful shredder machine FORUS F 25 provides the best conditions. The exchangeable crushing beam efficiently accomplishes the desired final particle size. In addition, the hydraulic magnetic separator isolates the ferrous parts from the process as a separate fraction. 
  • Subsequently, the shredded photovoltaic modules are treated with a screening machine, for example the trommel screen Terra Select T 50. The T 50 separates the material into two fractions.
  • The digested and separated raw materials (mainly glass, foil and aluminum) now meet the requirements for further processing with regards to particle size and separation of the compounds.

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Quality Features That Will Convince You.

Eggersmann Telematic. Remote Maintenance and Operational Control for Efficient Work.

Remote maintenance enables spatially separated access to parameters and functions of the Eggersmann machines. Continuous monitoring of the machines reduces downtimes as the service team can react more quickly.

The Latest Stage V Engines

Diesel engine with even more power. Emissions reduced by up to 98 percent, meeting the latest emission standards. Low engine speed concept. Lowest fuel consumption. Highest torques.

Long Life Coating

All Eggersmann machines receive a special coating for corrosion protection as standard. The coating is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. To thorough clean the metal surfaces – an indispensable requirement – they are blasted using the unique PantaTec® process, which works without chemical cleaning agents or solvents

Ready for the Future!

Eggersmann machines are the first choice for efficient and user-friendly windrow turning, screening and shredding with the lowest operating costs and maximum reliability.

Noise Reduction Technology

A setup specially adapted to Eggersmann machines ensures a reduced sound pressure level.

Minimum Maintenance System

Eggersmann machines use the highest quality lifetime lubricated bearings, which ensure reduced wear and a longer service life of the machine – completely automatically.

Auto Standby Control

Our machines’ Auto Standby Control regulates the power according to the current load and stress.

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