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Composting with triangular windrow turners

The BACKHUS compost turners can be used to process fractions containing organic materials into high-quality farming fertiliser.

  • Clear optimisation and shortening of the composting process: approx. 2 instead of 12 months
  • Aerating and homogenising the material – even at the edges – while travelling across the windrows
  • Gentle, continuous loosening of the material while supplying it with oxygen
  • Automatically re-establishes the windrow during material discharge
  • From small too large: machines with working widths from 3 to 7.5 m available

BACKHUS compost turners

  • Composting of a variety of different materials in nearly all climatic zones
  • The right machine for any material situation
  • Throughput of 700 m³ (BACKHUS A 30) to 7,000 m³ ( BACKHUS A 75)
  • Windrow widths from 3 m (BACKHUS A 30) to 7.5 m (BACKHUS A 75) possible
  • CUMMINS engine (except for BACKHUS A 30)
  • Low fuel consumption

BACKHUS compost turners

  • Modern LED display with touchscreen
  • Spacious mobile cab with 360-degree panorama view and camera package (model BACKHUS A 38 and higher)
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Maintenance-friendly and easy-to-clean body
  • Available with wheels or tracks
  • Track clearers with automatic ground contour adaptation allow for foot-to-foot placement of the compost windrows

The benefits of windrow composting

Fractions with a high content of organic materials contain valuable nutrients and can be used as agricultural fertiliser. Drying and hygienisation of these fractions can be achieved with windrow composting. The valuable plant nutrients in the material are not lost during this process, resulting in a homogeneous, storable end product that has a medium to high nutrient content. This high-quality fertiliser can then be applied to agricultural fields. The transport costs are low due to the reduced moisture content and the lower bulk volume.


The nutrients in the compost are then slowly and steadily released to the plants and have a positive influence on the humus balance of the soil. In addition to this, using the compost as an agricultural fertiliser contributes to increasing soil fertility while saving mineral fertiliser. 

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BACKHUS turners feature not only flexible handling, but also have a wide range of application options. Here are some examples:

Organic waste

Green waste

Farm manure

Sewage sludge


Coffee pulp

Palm oil waste

Biological drying

Soil decontamination

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