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Production of single-variety recyclables

In addition to conserving resources, recycling waste plays an equally central role in climate protection.A successful circular economy requires the clean separation of recyclable materials by type. This is the only way to ensure optimum recycling of the individual fractions.

Due to increased demands on quality-assured recyclable fractions and the resulting necessary increase in complexity in sorting plants, it is becoming more and more important to consider a plant as a whole. 

Intelligent process and operating management provides efficient capacity utilization as well as the required operating economy and ensures the varietal purity of the final fractions. 

Intelligent sorting with data analysis

The purity of the recovered recyclable fractions also increases their marketability. This is a factor that should not be neglected when it comes to operating a sorting plant economically and remaining competitive. Investments in new digitally networked plants as well as corresponding modernizations of existing plants are worthwhile! 

Eggersmann sorting plants produce single-sort recyclable fractions according to your customer-specific requirements. Digital networking in a central system and fully automated management systems ensure an optimized and continuous state-of-the-art sorting process.  

With the help of a monitoring dashboard, data and information from all machines and all sensors are collected, visualized and analyzed. The data is retrieved in real time and processed with process engineering knowledge and descriptive statistics and made available for time- and machine-related comparisons. Based on this data, regulations are created between the various machines and plant sections to adapt them as quickly as possible to different material quantities and material compositions. With this fully automated system, the material flow is self-regulated. 

This intelligently controlled networking sustainably increases the overall performance of the plant in terms of throughput, quality and output. Machine malfunctions and failures are predicted and avoided by permanent analysis and corresponding algorithms. The Eggersmann Service Assistant also supports the digital planning, control and documentation of maintenance. Additionally, the app makes it possible to access your plant documentation and installed spare parts from anywhere.

Plant components (selection)

  • Intelligent (Eggersmann) sorting
  • Process control systems
  • Electric control system
  • Conveying technology
  • Bag Openers
  • Shredders
  • Screen Drums, Sieves
  • Ballistic Separators
  • NIR-separators
  • Magnetic separators
  • Eddy current separators
  • Wind sifters
  • Steel construction (walkways, etc.)"

Reference: LWP plant Rostock

  • Client: Veolia Umweltservice Nord GmbH
  • Start of full operation: 2021
  • Input: lightweight packaging from dual system, for example plastic packaging, light metals (aluminium or tinplate) and composite material
  • Throughput: about 60.000 tons of lightweight packaging per year

Eggersmann hopper management - We don't do bales by halves

Thanks to digital networking and the technology used, Eggersmann's hopper management system detects the volume of material at every position within the recycling plant. Even the material flows on the feed belts are taken into account, so that in the end only as much material winds up in the respective hoppers as can or should currently be pressed. As soon as a bunker contains enough material for baling, the material is automatically conveyed to the baler. The result is whole bales of exactly the same length. Returning half bales to the sorting process, for example, becomes obsolete with the bunker management system.

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Competencies and services by Eggersmann plant engineering

If you choose Eggersmann plant engineering, you will receive the complete package, if desired. In addition to engineering, implementation planning, construction and procurement, the range of services also includes the manufacturing and delivery of the entire plant technology as well as installation. In addition, we take over the commissioning of the mechanical and electrical equipment and the visualization.

Conveying technology

We manufacture high-quality, digitally networkable conveyor technology in our own production facilities. Whether heavy goods conveyors, troughed belt conveyors, sliding belt conveyors or chain belt conveyors - Eggersmann has the right product for every requirement.

Steel construction

All steel construction components, such as walkways, are also manufactured in our own plants. The short distances and transparency between the departments involved offers an enormous advantage for the entire project.

Classic plant components

Machines like bag openers, ballistic separators, drum screens or air classifiers can be found in almost every recycling plant. Eggersmann develops and produces these components itself and thus supplies a large part of the plant equipment virtually from a single source.

Aerobic treatment and dry fermentation

In the field of biological waste treatment, Eggersmann plant engineering is a competent supplier of processes, plants and components for composting and biological drying. In addition, the BEKON process from Eggersmann can be used to produce biogas from organic waste by means of dry fermentation.


Here you can find a selection of our reference plants:

Recycling plant for industrial, commercial and household waste in Dubai

Plastic sorting plant in Deuna

RDF-plant in the Middle East

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