Picture of a Feed Hopper with Decompactor from BRT HARTNER

Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with Decompactor BRT HARTNER DC

Buffer Bunker with Rollers and Scrape Chain Conveyor for Loosening and Dosed Feeding of Different Materials

You are a plant operator for mechanical-biological waste processing? Your internal treatment processes are often decelerated or blocked? Are you missing decoupling and material buffering? Would you like materials such as bio waste or compost to be loosened up and fed to subsequent processes in a dosed manner? In short, you are looking for a solution for optimal buffering and decompression? Then make the right choice today with the Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with integrated Decompactor by BRT HARTNER.

The BRT HARTNER DC is implemented in mechanical and biological treatment plants for the processing of intermediate products. It is especially suitable for fine-grained material like green cuttings, bio waste, kitchen waste, organic production residues and also plastic waste. The Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with Decompaction Rollers is a great complement to the proven and well-established BRT HARTNER Feed and Metering Hopper D which was designed for more coarse material with a larger grit size and higher share of bulky material and impurities. Both machines serve for infeed, buffering, loosening and dosed feeding of material to subsequent plant components.

For the material transport within the Feed Hopper with Decompactor a scrape chain conveyor with a sturdy flat link chain is used. Depending on the input material, a belt conveyor can be used as an alternative.

Feeding of the Dosing Bunker can be done by wheel loader or grab crane. Depending on the requirements, the BRT HARTNER DC can be equipped with one or several decompaction rollers. The rollers loosen up the input material, mix it up and feed it evenly to subsequent processing stages.

Feed Hoppers with Decompaction Rollers consist of a heavy, sturdy and torsion-resistant sheet steel and sectional steel construction. They are adapted to the respective requirements of the input material (type of material, tool shape, decompactor roller, etc.). Furthermore, the hopper is - as far as possible - sealed against fines and liquids. These are discharged together with the material, thus not soiling the area underneath the machine.

Additionally, the Dosing Bunker is available in two different working widths. The BRT HARTNER DC 14 has a working width of 1400 mm and a bunker volume of 11 to 25 m³. The possible throughput is approx. 200 m³/h. The larger model DC 20 (working width 2000 mm) offers a hopper volume of 15 to 30 m³ and throughputs of up to 300 m³/h.

The BRT HARTNER DC Feed Hopper with Decompactor is the best choice for more efficient treatment of compressed and moist material within your recycling plant!

Key facts:

  • Infeed, storage, mixing, loosening up and even dosing and discharge of the input materials
  • Suitable for pre-treated material, fine-grained material like compost, green cuttings, etc.
  • Scrape chain conveyor with sturdy flat link chain
  • Integration of one or several decompactor rollers
  • Feed Hopper / Dosing Bunker available in two different working widths

    The BRT HARTNER DC is the machine you are still missing? You are interested in further details about the Feed Hopper / Dosing Hopper with Decompactor? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Steffen Simonsen
    Key Account Manager BRT HARTNER
    Telephone:   +49 5451 50773-30

    You are looking for an infeed bunker for more coarse and bulky material which is evenly dosed into subsequent sorting processes? Then the Feed and Metering Hopper D by BRT HARTNER is your best choice!

Product picture of a BRT HARTNER Dosing Bunker with Decompactor

Technical data

Working data

DC 14

DC 20

Working width

1,400 mm

2,000 mm

Centre distance

6,880 or 9,720 mm

10,660 mm


Scraping chain

sturdy flat link chain T 125 HV

Decompactor shafts

2 or 3 pieces

2 or 3 pieces

Side guiding plates frontside

1,000 or 1,500 mm

1,000 or 1,500 mm

Side guiding plates backside

2,200 or 2,700 mm

2,200 or 2,700 mm

Working data

DC 14

DC 20

Volume hopper

11 - 25 m³

15 - 30 m³


up to 200 m³/h

up to 300 m³/h

Power scraping chain

2.2 kW

2.2 / 3 / 4 kW

Power decompactor shafts

2 or 3 x 7.5 - 11 kW

2 or 3 x 7.5 - 11 kW

* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


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Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units