Electric and electronic waste dismantler EWD by BRT HARTNER

Dismantler for Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) BRT HARTNER EWD

For Professional Processing and Disposal of Electric Waste

You are looking to optimize your processing plant for electric and electronic household appliances of collection group 5? Currently, your employees still have to elaborately unscrew the casings or even manually break them open? This confronts you with work safety issues on a regular basis? Your search is over, because you have found the right machine for the job with the Electric Waste Dismantler EWD by BRT HARTNER.

Lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, electric kettles, blenders or radios – the sturdy dismantling machine EWD opens up plastic casings easily and reliably. The metal parts or cable reels within the electronic devices remain intact when the housings are broken up. This is especially important for components which contain toxic substances, for example capacitors, batteries or ink cartridges. The large casing fragments can then easily be separated from circuit boards, knives and blades, cables, fans, etc. Cables are loosened up. Because of the self-cleaning function of the dismantler, tubes, pipes, cables or other winding and tangling components do not pose a problem.

Your operating staffs’ job is made considerably easier by breaking open the electric devices and by a dosed material transfer. Besides a significant saving of time, the machine also effects a noticeable reduction of risk of injuries.

The dismantler for electronic waste is a so-called slow-runner, a low-speed machine. The relatively low rotational speed ensures that emission levels such as noise and dust remain way below the values of shredders or other dismantling machines.

The BRT HARTNER EWD for the processing of waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) provides an affordable, compact machine which is easily incorporated into existing plant processes. A sub-structure, an infeed chute with fill level sensor and additional conveyor technology ca also be supplied on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The electric and electronic waste dismantler EWD by BRT HARTNER is supplied ready to connect.


  • suitable for electric and electronic waste (kitchen devices, household appliances, gardening equipment and tools, etc.)
  • Breaking open of the casings for the removal of metal parts
  • delivered ready to connect
  • dosed material transfer to subsequent sorting
  • no risk of injury for the sorting staff
  • low dust emission
  • space-saving
  • low noise emission
  • low energy consumption
  • low acquisition costs
  • slow-running machine

    The above-mentioned facts have convinced you of the Electric Waste Dismantler? Then please get in touch with us:

    Steffen Simonsen
    Key Account Manager BRT HARTNER
    Fon:   +49 5451 50773-30

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BRT HARTNER EWD dismantler for electronic waste

Technical data

Working data

DM 12

DM 18

DM 24

Working width

1,200 mm

1,800 mm

2,400 mm

Hopper volume

2 m³

2 m³

2 m³

Outer length

2,700 mm

3,300 mm

3,900 mm

Outer width

2,200 mm

2,200 mm

2,200 mm

Feeding height

approx. 3,800 mm

approx. 3,800 mm

approx. 3,800 mm

Power requirement

11 kW

11 kW

15 kW

Total weight

6 t

8 t

10 t

Max. speed

18 U/min

18 U/min

18 U/min

Max. throughput

30 m³/h

45 m³/h

60 m³/h

Max. throughput with electrical appliances

2 t/h

3 t/h

4 t/h