Efficient separation of cardboard from mixed paper by Disc Screen BRT HARTNER SC

Disc / Rotor Screen BRT HARTNER SC

Coarse Screen for the Efficient Separation of Cardboard and Carton

You are aiming to sort and separate cardboard and paper in your plant to generate high quality products at the highest efficiency and lowest costs?

The treatment process in a sorting plant for waste paper is always the same: The paper-cardboard-mix from municipal collection is first fed to a Feed Hopper. This machine loosens up the material and evenly transfers it to subsequent coarse screening. Here, cardboard (approx. larger than a pizza box) is separated. The resulting mixed paper fraction, a mixture of newspapers, magazines, small cardboard and books, is supplied to further treatment. This treatment includes the separation of the fines within the material, the separation of small cardboard pieces as well as films and foils and other impurities. The final goal of the separation process is a deinking fraction with a maximum of 3 % impurities.

We have a wide variety of machines and systems under the name of BRT HARTNER to facilitate your plant processes. Our Disc / Rotor Screen BRT HARTNER SC is for example used for the separation of large carboard pieces.

The Coarse Screen BRT HARTNER SC is equipped with electric gear motors which are driven with chains and sprockets. In addition, it is equipped with rotating rotor elements which each consists of an axle with oval discs. Due to their special rubber mix, the discs have sufficient grip to move the cardboard over the screen to the upper discharge point. However, newspapers, magazines and other material of the mixed paper fraction are pulled downwards through the screening discs to a discharge conveyor (to be provided by the customer).

The Coarse Screen is available with two or three screen decks, depending on the requested throughput. The rotational speed of each screen deck can be optimally adjusted via frequency converter as each deck has its own drive motor.

The coarse screening with the Disc / Rotor Screen produces two fractions: one cardboard fraction and one mixed paper fraction.

In general, cardboard and waste paper can be sorted either with Disc / Rotor Screens or with Ballistic Separators. Both systems work quite differently, however their results with regard to efficiency and functionality speak for themselves. BRT HARTNER is one of the few manufacturers that specializes in both machines.

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  • Efficient separation of cardboard from mixed paper by Disc / Rotor Screens
  • Inexpensive
  • Impervious to disruptive material and long-lasting
  • Loosened up and even material transfer to subsequent sorting
  • Easy integration into existing plants thanks to compact dimensions
  • Easy exchange/replacement of individual screen discs or rotor elements
  • Dynamic adjustment of the screen cut
  • Special axle design for effortless cleaning
  • Optionally with frequency-controlled rotational speed adjustment
  • Optionally with hand-hydraulic inclination adjustment

    Your personal contact is at your service for further information about the Disc / Rotor Screen BRT HARTNER SC:

    Steffen Simonsen
    Fon:   +49 5451 50773-30

    You are looking for a Ballistic Separator or a Fine Screen for the separation of impurities by BRT HARTNER? We have all the information you need!

Sorting and separating cardboard and paper at the highest efficiency and lowest costs with the coarse screen from BRT HARTNER

Technische Daten

Working width

1,700 mm

1,700 mm

1,700 mm


approx. 4,000 mm

approx. 6,000 mm

Screen surface

approx. 6.7 m²

approx. 9.8 m²

approx. 14.7 m²


approx. 2.6 t

approx. 5.2 t

approx. 7.8 t

Mesh size

> A4

> A4

> A4

Amount of rotor elements




Amount of discs per element




Power requirement

3 kW

6 kW

9 kW

Throughput mixed paper

up to 10 t/h

up to 20 t/h

up to 30 t/h


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Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units