Digestate Dryer for the pretreatment of fermentation

Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD

For the Processing / Drying of Digestates

There are problems with the material in your biological waste treatment plant? It is too wet, too heavy and too inhomogeneous? You would like to dry digestate mixtures and drive out ammonia by pressure ventilation all in one step? Additionally, you want an optimal treatment of the biological material? Our Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD is the ideal solution for your requirements.

The composting of digestates can become problematic when the water content is too high. Our machine for the treatment and processing of fermentation residue can help.

The Digestate Dryer is ideally suited for the pretreatment of fermentation residue by mixing, homogenizing and loosening the infeed substrates before aerobic treatment in dynamic material flow. The pressure ventilation of the material with preheated air provides optimized discharge of water and ammonia via the exhaust air. This is treated further via the exhaust air systems.

The drying method in detail: The BRT HARTNER Digestate Conditioner / Dryer is designed as a fully automated continuous dryer. The material is moved through the machine with a scrape chain conveyor. The supply of thermal energy is achieved via the bottom plate. On the one hand by active warming of the material with the incorporated floor heating, on the other hand by coupling of pre-heated supply air via channels in the bottom plate. The exhaust air is gathered above the material and then supplied to suitable exhaust air treatment.

Special mixing and turning rollers are installed into the conveying line of the machine for digestate treatment. During treatment, the material is intensively mixed, homogenized and loosened up in these areas. The decompaction unit at the discharge side ensures an even material discharge even with a material height of more than one meter on the discharge conveyor. 

The material needs to be ventilatable for conditioning or drying. To ensure this, structural material is added, according to the consistency, before treatment with the Digestate Conditioner. This „aggregate material“ can be fresh material, recycled material from one of the subsequent treatment steps or output material from the machine – depending on the project. The added substrates are merged within the machine, then mixed and thermally dried, so they are optimally suited for the subsequent processes.

Especially with increased requirements and demands to the homogeneity of the output fraction, the dynamic loosening of the material enhances the result and the degree of efficiency.

With the Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD you can improve and enhance your treatment process for fermentation residue.


  • Floor heating system for the supply of thermal energy into the material with direct heat conduction
  • Integration of special mix- and turner rollers in the conveying line and thereby multistage, intensive mixing, homogenizing and fluffing up of material during treatment
  • Recirculation system and thus return of exhaust air for optimization of exhaust air concentration
  • Optimized material height in the machine and therefore reduction of required installation space
  • Multistage mixing of the material during treatment in the Digestate Dryer
  • Fully automated operation

    You are looking for further information about our Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD? Please contact our qualified personnel for advice.

    You are primarily looking to mix the digestates with structural material instead of drying it? In that case the Digestate Mixer for the pretreatment of fermentation residues BRT HARTNER DM is your first choice!



Optimised treatment process for digestate with BRT HARTNER DCD

Technical data DCD 20

Working data

Useful length/working length

approx. 12,500 mm

approx. 24,500 mm

Filling volume

approx. 30 m³

approx. 60 m³

Useful width/working width

approx. 2,000 mm

approx. 2,000 mm

Filling height

approx. 1,200 mm

approx. 1,200 mm


10 - 120 m³/h

10 - 120 m³/h

Treatment time

0.25 - 3 hours

0.5 - 6 hours

Number of turning/mixing processes

2x during one run

Supply air flow rate

max. 2 x 18,000 m³/h

max. 3 x 24,000 m³/h

Output air heating

max. 2 x 200 kW (therm)**

max. 3 x 270 kW (therm)**

Recirculating air system (optional)

adjustable 100% recirculated air – 100% fresh air

adjustable 100% recirculated air – 100% fresh air

Power floor heating

max. 200 kW (therm) ***

max. 400 kW (therm) ***

Layout heating system

80°C flow temperature 60°C return flow temperature

80°C flow temperature 60°C return flow temperature

* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.

** at max. supply air flow rate

*** depending on material


Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units

Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units

Mixing and Drying Units

Mixing and Drying Units