Bale Breaker

The Bale Breaker serves for unraveling of press bales of PET-bottles, waste paper, residual waste, plastic waste and similar materials, as well as the metered material transport downstream working processes. By adjusting the unraveling grade, an optimal subsequent sorting is guaranteed.

The BRT HARTNER BB-series does not crush but loosen the material for a most effective material sorting. The bunker walls are designed as plug-in walls. This allows individual wall elements to be removed or added. If required, a supplemented ripping device can be installed for an additional loosening process and opening of tied bundles and cartons. 


  • For PET-bottles, residual waste, plastic containers, waste paper, sorting rests, etc.
  • Efficient opening of bales and loosening up of material
  • Even and continous material discharge
  • Infinitely adjustable throughput rate
  • Large bale hopper for long feeding intervals
  • Ready-for-operation construction with drives and electrical control system
  • High mobility and usability on various sites
  • Optional plug-in walls

Technische Daten

Working data BB
Working width 1,780 mm
Number of push-boards 12 pieces
Feeding height approx. 800 mm
Total height 2,500 mm
Hopper length min. 6,000 mm
Total length min. 8,400 mm
Extension in steps of 1,500 mm
Hopper length max. 12,000 mm
Workind data BB
Total length max. 14,400 mm
Bale dimensions max. (w x h x l) 1,200 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm
Bale weight approx. 400 – 800 kg
Power requirement Moving Floor 4 to 22 kW
Power requirement 7.5 to 11 kW
Weight 11.5 t
Throughput up to 10 t/h
* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units

Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units