Picture of the BRT HARTNER Bale Breaker BB


Efficient Breaking and Unraveling of Press Bales

The Bale Breaker BRT HARTNER BB serves for breaking open compressed bales of PET-bottles, waste paper, residual waste, plastic waste and many other recyclables. Then the unraveled and metered material is transported downstream to subsequent treatment processes. The Bale Opener BB does not crush but loosen the material for a most effective material sorting.

The integrated standard moving floor conveyor allows for an even material stream to the bale breaking unit, which consist of a drum and a dynamic down holding device. This system ensures ideal loosening of the material without blockages by impurities.

The Bale Breaker reaches a throughput of up to 10 tons per hour and is designed for a maximum press bale weight of 1.500 kg.

The Bale Opener BRT HARTNER BB is equipped with volume flow control. Sensors determine the output rate. The adjustment of the drum speed and the moving floor speed ensures an even material output. Additionally, the Bale Breaker can be equipped with an optical sensor to monitor the filling level of the machine to avoid it from running dry.

Depending on the type of feeding, the Bale Breaker is available both with an open feeding area (entry of the bales by fork lift truck) as well as with a closed bunker (entry of loose material by wheel loader). The hopper walls of the Bale Opener are designed as removable plug-in walls. Thus, the wall elements can be added or removed as required.

Furthermore, the Bale Breaker BB is perfectly suitable for long feeding intervals due to its large bale hopper.

The BRT HARTNER BB is ready for connection including all drives and electric control unit.


  • Suitable for PET-bottles, residual waste, plastic containers, waste paper, sorting rests, etc.
  • Efficient bale breaking and loosening up of the material 
  • Even and continuous material discharge
  • Throughput rate infinitely adjustable
  • Large bale hopper for long feeding intervals 
  • Ready-for-operation design with drives and electrical control system
  • Plug-in walls for flexible use of the machine

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Picture of the BRT HARTNER Bale Opener

Technische Daten

Working data


Working width

1,780 mm

Number of push-boards

12 pieces

Feeding height

approx. 800 mm

Total height

2,500 mm

Hopper length min.

6,000 mm

Total length min.

8,400 mm

Extension in steps of

1,500 mm

Hopper length max.

12,000 mm

Workind data


Total length max.

14,400 mm

Bale dimensions max. (w x h x l)

1,200 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm

Bale weight

approx. 300 – 1,500 kg

Power requirement Moving Floor

4 to 22 kW

Power requirement

7.5 to 11 kW


11.5 t


up to 10 t/h

* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


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