The Next Generation of Bag Openers

The new BRT HARTNER BOE | BOH 17 evolved from the proven BO-series. The innovations in this new model are based upon two decades of experience and more than 500 shipped machines. Functionality, sturdiness and modularity combinedwith the easy-to-use but precise controls, make it the best Bag Opener available on the market.

The focus for the BRT HARTNER BOE | BOH-series was set on user friendliness and automation while maintaining the level of quality and functionality of the BO-series. As a result a wide set of features to support the user as well as the facility manager, have been integrated into the controlling system.

The segment drum of the BRT HARTNER BOH is powered by the proved hydraulic drives. The BRT HARTNER BOE is powered by electrical servo drives which allow innovative, adjustable opening cycles of the segment drum.

The optional weighing system is a central part of many additional functions that turn the BRT HARTNER BOE 17 into the key asset for the loading process. Important operating data is being saved and can be used for analysis later on. The throughput rate, bunker filling level, running time and overall performance, among other data, can be accessed as diagram or via report. This helps the facility manager to optimize the processes and makes reporting more comfortable.

The BRT HARTNER BOE | BOH 17-series also has an interesting set of additional features in stock for the user. Integrated WLAN-access in combination with a tablet pc enables direct interaction of loading personnel and machine. Optical and acoustical signals inform the user of the remaining time, current fill level and the time until next loading. At the same time cameras simplify the loading process and help monitoring inner machine functions.

Facilities with lots of different materials benefit highly from the innovative BRT HARTNER BOE-series. Processing quantities batch wise or changing the mode of operation is easily done and spares lengthy adaption of process parameters.

The web interface allows simple, location-independent access to machine controls by any Windows, Android or Apple IOS device within the locations network or via secured connection. With that, all relevant information can be accessed worldwide. The service department of Eggersmann GmbH can supply quick support via remote maintenance interface.

Trend setting innovations in the BRT HARTNER BOE | BOH-series contain:

  • Modern design, especially easy-to-use and easy-to-service
  • Modular extendable bunker-system
  • Weighing system to monitor processing quantities and for analysis
  • Fully automated regulation of throughput quantity to optimize facility utilization
  • Web interface for monitoring and reporting
  • Load guide to support loading process and personnel



Technical data

Working data

BOE | BOH 17

Working width

1.7 m

Hopper length

5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 m

Total length

8.95 - 18.95 m

Outer width

approx. 2.27 m

Outer height

approx. 2.5 m

Hopper volume

14 - 42 m³

Working data

BOE | BOH 17

Power requirement

28 - 57 kW

Total weight

approx. 11 - 20 t

Opening rate min.


Max. throughput with lightweight packaging

16 t/h

Max. throughput with household waste (MSW)

50 t/h

* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


BRT HARTNER BOE 17 Sacköffner / Bag Opener



Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units

Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units


Drive segment drum BOE

Drive segment drum BOH