Bag Opener

The Bag Opener BRT HARTNER BO opens the plastic bags and transfers the metered material to the subsequent sorting and preparation plants. The machine is available as a standard model or in combination with a charging hopper. The hopper is fed batchwise by a front loader.


  • Virtually 100% opening and emptying of the plastic bags
  • High opening rate of “bags within bags”
  • Suitable for a wide range of material, e.g. packaging material, residual waste, household waste, wastepaper
  • Protection against entaglement and wrapping of strings, tapes, wires and foils
  • Loosened up and evened out material supply to the sorting process
  • Low servicing and maintenance requirements
  • Overrange protection and automatic switch-off in case of blockages cauzed by bulky and disruptive material
  • Large storage hopper for feeding by front-end loader

Technical data

Working data

BO 13

BO 17

BO 21

Working width

1.3 m

1.7 m

2.1 m

Hopper length

up to 12 m

up to 12 m

up to 14 m

Hopper volume min.

14 m³

17 m³

22 m³

Hopper volume max.

27 m³

33 m³

45 m³

Power requirement

17 – 36 kW

22 – 43 kW

28 – 52 kW

Working data

BO 13

BO 17

BO 21

Total weight

10 – 16 t

12 – 18 t

14 – 22 t

Opening rate min.




Max. throughput with lightweight packaging

10 t/h

13 t/h

16 t/h

Max. throughput with MSW / household waste

24 t/h

36 t/h

50 t/h

* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units

Opening, Dosing and Sorting Systems, Mixing and Drying Units