Low in Emissions, Fast and Efficient

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • fully automated process
  • application within closed systems
  • optimum material mix in the end

The Mixing Process:

Instead of increasing it, BACKHUS LTC Mix decreases the material’s compactness. Its mixing results are optimal thanks to turning the material twice in succession. While it pre-mixes the material and breaks up possible clumps in the first cycle, the second turning significantly contributes to improving the result.

Low-Emission Process:

BACKHUS LTC Mix – Lane Turner Closed Mix – serves as an alternative to mixing in the open within closed systems.The emissions produced during the mixing process by the encapsulated system are collected and guided to the flue gas treatment system. Emissions – especially odour emissions – are thus reduced significantly.

Fully Automated Process:

The entire process, including the controls of the BACKHUS LTC Mix, is regulated by a computer-operated system.


The base material consists of one part fermentation residues and one part structural material. BACKHUS LTC Mix creates a well-rotting substrate which means a well-ventable, almost homogeneous material with corresponding air pore volume.

Technical Data

Rotor diameter 1.4 m
Total rotor width 4 m
Length 5.5 m
Width 3.9 m
Height 4 m
Material height 1.8 m
Ground clearance max. 20 ± 50 mm
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Windrow Turner & Lane Turner

Windrow Turner & Lane Turner

Input by wheel loader
Input by conveyor equipment
Output by wheel loader
Output by conveyor equipment
Transfer waggon / platform