Plant for closed composting in lanes

BACKHUS LTC: Compost turning in closed lanes

A Combination of Closed Composting and Dynamic Treatment Processes

If you are planning the construction of a composting or organic drying plant, then you will certainly have demanding requirements in respect of minimal odour emissions, professional process control and correspondingly high-quality end product. And of course, an equally not insignificant role will be played by the profitability of the system. The BACKHUS LTC, used for turning in closed lanes, will provide you with a treatment process that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

The BACKHUS LTC closed, dynamic system is the right choice for treatment (composting or organic drying) of organically rich materials such as organic and household waste, sewage sludge or contaminated soils. The turning performance achieved is outstanding, while energy consumption at the same time is surprisingly low. The drive is provided by a diesel engine.

The feed and discharge of material within closed lanes occurs fully automatically, as also does the regular turning and assured throughput of material. Filling is also possible using a wheeled loader. Due to a special sensor technology the lane walls can also be driven on directly by the turner, making track-bound guidance redundant. Depending on the model, a fully automatic transfer carriage can be used for easy changing of lanes.

The BACKHUS LTC system for closed lane composting reduces the volume of extracted air for treatment and gives an improved overall ventilation design. Furthermore, by using forced aeration of the material, both the supply of oxygen and the extraction of moisture is promoted under optimum conditions.

To ensure that the lane turner is tailored to perfectly match your specific requirements, various features are available in addition to the extensive standard equipment. For example, ideal conditions for composting within the closed lanes, as well as an improvement in the overall composting process, can be achieved by choosing the irrigation option.

The lane turner can be driver operated, inside the generous panoramic cab, or it can be operated automatically. With the driverless version, depending on the model, operating personnel only need to pre-program the tuner movements executed on a daily basis using an associated control panel.

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Key facts

  • Turning of biogenic wastes in closed lanes
  • Fully automatic material feed and discharge, or alternatively by wheeled loader
  • Forced aeration of the material
  • Lane walls can be run on directly due to sensor technology
  • Fully automatic transfer carriage (depending on model)
  • Available for driver-operated or automatic operation

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    If you want to find out about composting or organic drying within open lanes, then take a look at our BACKHUS LT lane turner.

Lane Turner for closed Lanes BACKHUS LTC

Working Data

LT 27- 36

LT 45 - 50

row width


2.7 - 3.6

4.5 - 5.0

material height max.


1.2 - 2.0

2.0 - 2.7

rotor diameter


0.8 - 1.2

1.2 - 1.8

turning capacity up to


400 - 800



Windrow Turner & Lane Turner

Windrow Turner & Lane Turner

Mobile Machines

Mobile Machines


Panoramic cab of the Lane Turner BACKHUS LTC


Filling the rotting lanes by wheel loader

Input by wheel loader

Material input into the rotting lanes by conveyor equipment

Input by conveyor equipment

Material output out of the rotting lanes by wheel loader

Output by wheel loader

Material Output out of the rotting lanes by conveyor equipment

Output by conveyor equipment

Transfer carriage for Lane Turner BACKHUS LTC

Transfer waggon / platform