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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Bulky Waste Processing

Economically Efficient and Sustainable

  • What is bulky waste?
  • What does not belong in bulky waste?
  • Does bulky waste contain valuable raw materials?
  • How can bulky waste be processed?

As a partner to the recycling industry, we give you the answers. How? With intensive consulting as well as machines and solutions with which we accompany municipalities and private waste management companies in the treatment of bulky waste. The result: more sustainability and economic efficiency.

What is Bulky Waste?

Old furniture is piled up in the attic and even in the basement there is hardly any space left: around 31 kilograms of bulky waste are generated per person per year in Germany. All the washing machines, slatted frames and carpets that end up in recycling centers of municipalities and in the treatment and sorting plants of waste disposal companies contain valuable resources that can be returned to the materials cycle.  

But these kinds of items don't fit in conventional trash cans because of their weight or size. Private households and companies therefore either bring their bulky waste to the local recycling center or have it picked up by the municipality's environmental service. Typical examples for bulky waste are:

  • Aquariums/fish tanks
  • Waste wood
  • Bedsteads
  • Electric appliances
  • Curtain rods
  • Wardrobes
  • Mattresses
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Mirrors
  • Sports equipment
  • Tables and chairs
  • Carpets

What Does not Belong in the Bulky Waste?

A familiar sight in German cities: Bulky waste is placed at the side of the road for pickup. As if by magic, new items are added during the night that do not come from the client of the bulky waste collection. In addition to bagged garbage, old clothes or dishes, hazardous waste such as used oil or old fluorescent tubes are then often added. All these items do not belong in the bulky waste and do therefore not get picked up by the municipality or the disposal company. By the way: exactly which items are considered bulky waste varies from municipality to municipality. There is also no nationwide standard on where and when bulky waste may be deposited.

Does Bulky Waste Contain Valuable Resources?

Like any waste, bulky waste - depending on the type of item - can be processed, recycled or used as substitute fuel. Since 2018, the collection of bulky waste is also allowed to commercial waste management companies, which offer solutions for the recycling of raw materials as well. And that makes perfect sense, because bulky waste often consists of wood, glass and other materials that can be fed into the raw materials cycle.

How can Bulky Waste be Processed?

The optimal treatment of bulky waste is a complex challenge. Therefore, we offer holistic advice, innovative technology and clever solutions to recycling centers with which bulky waste can be efficiently processed, shredded and then sorted. Always on hand: state-of-the-art recycling machines for fast and safe waste shredding. Here, we work with different models specialized for the task at hand, which can be purchased and rented from recycling centers.

Pre-Shredding Bulky Waste:

Our FORUS F 25 pre-shredder is simple, uncomplicated and yet highly effective. The slow-running shredder can be adapted to the materials to be shredded as well as the desired final particle size via the secondary crushing bars, making it a particularly flexible solution.

Shredding of Bulky Waste:

In addition to stationary models such as the TEUTON ZS 55, we recommend mobile universal shredders, for instance the TEUTON Z 50 or the TEUTON Z 60. Both versions are real all-round talents and inspire with their interchangeable shredding tools, which allow a unique variety of applications. Due to their sturdy construction, the models can withstand even the highest loads and are the ideal choice for shredding items made of hard materials such as solid wooden wardrobes.

Screening and Sifting:

Mobile drum screens such as the TERRA SELECT model impress with their high screening capacity, convenient handling and maximum flexibility. They reliably separate larger pieces of material from the fine material and thus prepare the fractions for thermal treatment. There are also purely electric versions available, which allows them to be used indoors as well as outdoors!

Treatment of Bulky Waste: Take Advantage of our Experience and Expertise

More and more municipalities, recycling centers and waste disposal companies trust in our solutions. In addition to the quality of our machines, our intensive consulting is a major reason for working with Eggersmann Recycling Technology. We deal with your requirements, develop customized concepts and find exactly the right solution for you. 

Call us or write us a message. We look forward to advising you personally!

Shredding of Bulky Waste or Green Cuttings With the TEUTON Universal Shredder