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Eggersmann Recycling Technology

Applications for Mobile Machines

Flexible Recycling due to Versatile Solutions


Our mobile recycling machines give you a high degree of flexibility in your choice of location and material. Whether you want to process waste wood, green waste, mixed construction waste, commercial or bulky waste or are active in the field of soil remediation or manure composting - with our recycling machines, you can process your material into the desired end product in no time at all.


The Right Machine for Every Application

Thanks to optional modifications, even special applications are no problem for us.
Just take a look at some examples.

Processing of Waste Wood

Waste Wood Categories A 1 to A 4

The processing of waste wood can take place within two processes: Either by simply shredding the material or by shredding and then screening the material.

Processing of Green Waste

Composting Green Waste

Composting turns organic waste into a valuable, nutrient-rich product for improving the soil. Organic material is returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost, as is the case with thermal recycling. The composting of green waste takes place within the process chain of shredding, turning, sieving and sifting.

Soil Remediation

Treatment in Case of Contamination

To remediate the soil, the contaminated material is sieved and placed in a windrow. Moving the windrow aerates the material. The microorganisms present in the material drive the decomposition of organic pollutants through their metabolism. The material is then reinstalled.

Processing of Bulky Waste

Processing Bulky Material

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and removing metals at the same time. Screening is then carried out to filter out plastic particles from the process.

Treatment of Commercial Waste

Processing Industrial Waste

The processing of commercial waste begins with the shredding of the material. If the shredder is equipped with a neodymium magnetic separator (e.g. TEUTON Z 50), metallic materials are sorted out directly in the same operation. Depending on the desired end product, the material can also be screened.