Recycling Machines & Plants

Eggersmann is one of the leading suppliers of waste treatment plants and has decades of experience in the field of mechanical and biological (aerobic and anaerobic) recycling methods and processes.

Our expertise comprises the engineering, implementation and execution planning, procurement, production and delivery of the steel construction, as well as the machines and conveying technology up to assembly, commissioning and operation of the plants. 

Reference plants all over the world attest to the enormous spectrum of implemented plant types for the treatment of different input material. Processing plants for household waste in Macedonia, Iraq or Dubai, biowaste and composting plants as well as sorting plants for lightweight packaging and treatment plants for battery substances in Germany, an RDF-plant in the Middle East, a plant for ash treatment in Singapore and plants for mechanical and biological treatment of municipal solid waste in Poland, England or Bulgaria as well as numerous BEKON dry fermentation plants are just a few of the major projects of the past years.

We are also an experienced manufacturer of mobile and stationary special machinery for the waste treatment sector. Renowned brands such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, FORUS, Terra Select and TEUTON are consolidated within the Eggersmann Group and supply solutions for the most different types of processing, for example for composting, opening, dosing, buffering, drying, mixing, shredding, screening and sifting. 

The cooperation of plant building and special machinery signifies a tremendous added value for you, our customers, as we can offer almost all equipment and services from one single source.

Karlgünter Eggersmann

Eggersmann Group 

Plants & Machines

Recycling Plants

Made by Eggersmann Anlagenbau

Eggersmann Anlagenbau is your expert for the implementation of complex plants for waste processing.

Preview of a compost turner from BACKHUS

Compost Turner


BACKHUS is the leading manufacturer of sustainable solutions for composting. 

Pre-shredder for shredding wood and refuse


Made by FORUS

FORUS offers double shaft shredders with asynchronously running shafts.

Preview of a Mobile Screening Plant from Terra Select

Screening Machines & Windsifters

Made by Terra Select

Screening and Sifting is the core competence of Terra Select. 

Universal Shredders

Made by TEUTON

TEUTON Shredders are made for highest demands.

Preview of the Ballistic Sifter from Eggersmann

Opening, Dosing & Sorting Systems


BRT HARTNER offers a variety of solutions for the treatment, sorting and separation of a wide variety of materials.

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