Trommel screen T 80

3 times screening

The Terra Select T 80 is a very effcient trommel screening machine and produces three fractions in one step. The screening trommel is divided into two individually selectable, different perforations and the long screening areas are arranged one behind the other: This allows fine screening to be performed perfectly. Optionally, the hinged hopper grid on the infeed hopper already makes it possible to separate “thick chunks” while the machine is being filled. As a result, a total of four different fractions are produced with one machine.

  • All the discharge belts can optionally be equipped with magnetic rolls of various qualities, e. g. with various Neodymium parts for extra strength.
  • The “fine before coarse” screening in the T 80 is especially suitable for the mineral reconditioning process.
Special features: impressive screening area, large fill bunker, three fractions due to divided screen perforation

Technical data

Trommel length 7,500 mm
Trommel diameter 2,200 mm
Effective screening area 46 m²
Drive 75 kW
Tank volume 300 litres
Fine grain belt length 7,200 mm
Fine grain belt width 1,000 mm
Medium grain belt length 7,200 mm
Medium grain belt width 1,000 mm
Oversize grain belt length 4,900 mm
Oversize grain belt width 1,000 mm
Hopper > 6.5 m³
Width 4,200 mm
Depth 1,800 mm
Approved total weight 22,000 kg