Trommel screen DT 60

Perfect machine for three fraction screening

The Terra Select DT 60 is the “big brother” of the DT 50 and is based on the model T 60. Its enlarged screening area makes the DT 60 suitable for many different fields of application. This means that even two fine screenings, e. g. bark separation (0–10 mm, 10–40 mm, 40–x mm) can be screened in one step with a high throughput performance. The double trommel screening machines perform a “coarse before fine separation”; this process separates the coarse fractions in the initial step, which means that the fine screen covering then needs to screen a lower volume of material. This process ensures good throughout performance and has an excellent price/value ratio. The double trommel screening machines from Terra Select are subject to much less wear in comparison with the frequently used star screening machines in this performance class.

  • The generous trommel measurements (5,500 mm long, 2,200 mm in diameter) provide for screening performance of up to 120 m3/h.
  • The DT 60 is the perfect machine for three fraction screening, e. g. biomass, shredded green cuttings, tree bark, wood chips as well as sand, stones and earth, etc.
Special features: three fractions in one step, one piece fine and medium grain belt, uses double trommel or normal T 60 single trommel

Technical data

Trommel length 5,500 mm
Trommel diameter external 2,200 mm
Trommel diameter internal 1,600 mm
Effective screening area 49 m²
Drive 75 KW
Tank volume 300 litres
Fine grain belt length 6,700 mm
Fine grain belt width 800 mm
Medium grain belt length 6,700 mm
Medium grain belt width 1,000 mm
Oversize grain belt length 4,900 mm
Oversize grain belt width 1,000 mm
Hopper > 6 m³
Width 4,200 mm
Depth 1,800 mm
Approved total weight 24,000 kg