With worlwide activties and years of experience in special machinery for recycling plants, we know exactly about the customers needs. The Eggersmann TEUTON Z 55 – a single-speed-shredder for grinding wood waste, organic waste, industrial waste, tires as well as bulk trash and matresses – is an efficient and low-maintenance universal shredder that fulfills all requirements.

Since a homogenous end product is the key to success on the worldwide markets, two shredders were often needed to reach that level in two work steps. The Eggersmann TEUTON Z 55 is able to do the pre- and post-shredding in one work step.

Technical data

Totel weight 32 t
Motor VOLVO Penta Diesel engine Type TAD 1375 VE
Capacity 13 l
Emission standard (Euro-standard) Stage IV
Rated capacity 405 kW (551 hp)
Tankvolume 700 l
Number of tools 30 / 20
Rotor length 3.000 mm
Rotor speed 40 rpm
Rotor drive Hydraulic planetary gear
Rotor diameter 1.020 mm Ø
Rotor torque 260 kNm (2x130)
Control IFM 12,1 “ touch panel





Shredding & Screening

Shredding & Screening


The Eggersmann single-shaft shredder TEUTON Z 55 in front of the "Hermann's Monument" in Detmold
TEUTON in factory building, conveyor belt collapsed
TEUTON in factory building, conveyor belt partially expanded
Employee in the operation of the TEUTON
TEUTON - isolated image
TEUTON & Terra Select T 60
TEUTON shredding stumps
TEUTON shredding wood I
TEUTON shredding wood II
TEUTON shredding industrial waste