Ballistic Separator Double BSD

The BSD is the most sold Ballistic Separator for light packaging and household waste. A wide range of machinetypes available to fit to all application on the ballistic-separation.

The separation process takes place in only one step. Here, the material is broken down into a rolling, at and sieve fraction, which is highly suitable for further processing. In the separation of single stream, light packaging and comingled waste, BSD is the first choice for effective sorting process with low cost and high availability.

  • Rugged machine-design for durable application
  • Shafts with patented, robust and replaceable eccentric bearings
  • Up to five fractions in one step
  • Angle independent on both decks hydraulically adjustable
  • High troughput

Technical data

Working data BSD 70
Paddle width (mm) 338
Useful width (m) 2.0
Paddle length (m) 4.3
Drive power (kW) 15
Troughput (m³/h)* 70 - 100
Sieve area (m²) 17.2
Paddle no. 12
Revolution (1/min) Serie: 0-200 (frequency controlled)
Control enclosure / PLC Option: Siemens PLC
Fieldbus Option: Profibus, Modbus, TCP/IP
Air support Option: 2 / 4 Fans (frequency controlled)
Angle adjustment Serie: Mechanical angle adjustment, Option: hand- / motor-hydraulic adjustment
Central greasing Serie: Manual greasing, option: centrallised hand greasing, central greasing system
Sieve mesh Serie: 60mm (rectangle), Option: 10-80 mm (rectangle/round), adjustable sieve mesh
Top cover Option: PVC-Top cover, steel top cover, steel hood
* Throughput can vary depending on the material, material properties, moisture and composition. All values are approximate.


BRT HARTNER Sorting Systems

BRT HARTNER Sorting Systems